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Photo of Whitney Cloin, LCSW

Whitney F. Cloin, LCSW

Hello, I am Whitney! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I work from a psychodynamic approach, believing that individuals do not have something “wrong” with them but are a make up of their experiences. Sometimes people experience things that they cannot just “get over”, when we experience things “too much, too soon, or too fast” that is called trauma. I have spent my career working with individuals who have experienced trauma, helping them to become their most resilient selves and empowering them to overcome the things they feel keep them stuck. I help individuals overcome trauma through a few therapy modalities: EMDR, Polyvagal Informed, and film therapy through the Point of View Story film series; always through a somatic and attachment focused informed approach. The somatic approach means that our brains and bodies remember and hold onto trauma and other experiences so I try to guide you to focus on your body’s reactions, specifically your nervous system, and how that is connected to your experiences and your present struggles.

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