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Telehealth Therapy for Individuals in Indiana and Utah

The name Saxifrage (sak·suh·frij) comes from the saxifraga plant, Purple Saxifrage flowers grow through rock, the name means “rock breaker”. Even without soil, and even in the cold, these beautiful purple flowers grow and bloom. This name was chosen for our practice because we believe that, like Saxifrage, individuals can grow and bloom through tough circumstances and trauma. Up through rock, something that is both strong to break through, but also soft and beautiful grows. People can be both strong and soft as well. Saxifrage Counseling & Advocacy exists to help you find both those strong and soft parts of yourself to overcome situations and emotions that can keep you stuck.

Saxifrage Counseling & Advocacy LLC is a telehealth therapy practice so all sessions are conducted virtually through a telehealth platform. 

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